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Swiss Virtual Expo, the first metaverse “made in Ticino”

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An Introduction to the concept of Metaverse

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New batteries for mobile devices

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Why Meteca and Briki can help you

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How has RFID technology improved for the hospital sector?

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The first self-driving van developed from the collaboration between Argo AI and Volkswagen

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The supply-chain and raw materials crisis in technology sector

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Intel and the neuromorphic chip

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The revolution of delivery and surveillance drones

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Google and Autodraw: an automated drawing software

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Matter, a unique IoT protocol for Smart Home and Google I/O 2021 latest news

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Briki MBC: a module that’s different from the rest

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Meteca: what makes us unique on the market?

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Why should you innovate your business with IoT solutions?

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MBC Module: from IoT ideas to industrial products

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Robotics, IoT and supply chain

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What is Sunspeker? An innovative startup for the world of smart cities

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The Europe of smart cities

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